Elgin St. Thomas Coalition to End Poverty

Steering Committee

The Purpose of the Steering Committee is as follows

  1. Establish and monitor the effectiveness of Coalition governance structure and procedures.
  2. Establish and, at least annually, review, in the fall of every calendar year the strategic direction of the Coalition. This will include a review of the coalition’s online presence (I.e., website, social media) to ensure alignment.
  3. Annually determine, approve, manage and review quarterly the annual Coalition budget and SC work plan.
  4. Anticipate opportunities and challenges, with a specific emphasis on securing resources to address Coalition sustainability.
  5. Embrace a collaborative role for the coalition to bring awareness of action areas for each pillar and share at coalition meetings as appropriate.
  6. Provide leadership to the Coalition meetings by developing the Agenda and Chairing the meetings.
  7. Regularly review the proceedings of the Coalition in order to support its coordination and to monitor progress towards work plan goals and objectives.
  8. Regularly identify and plan for opportunities to address system transformation by advocating for needed change at all three levels of government in Elgin St. Thomas.
  9. Produce and circulate documents on an as-needed basis to support the work of the Coalition.
  10. Be the official voice of the Coalition, in conjunction with other Coalition members, as needed

For more information about roles and responsibilities, please click here to view our current Terms of Reference.